Online Webinars and workshops with Meirav Kravetz, Teacher Coach and Hebrew Coordinator at the RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami, Florida
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English / Hebrew

Workshops for all elementary school
and high-school teachers

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Backwards Planning
From Assessment to Instruction

How can you use your end-of-year assessment data? How should we adjust instruction for students who got left behind during remote learning? Should we re-teach or move forward? This workshop will offer practical strategies for unit planning based on assessment data that is adaptable to your curriculum.

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Setting Goals and Reflection

What are the benefits of setting goals for students and teachers? How do we integrate the choice of goals into the pre-structured curriculum? What is the role of a teacher during self-assessment and reflection? This workshop will explore tools to help participants plan and document a process of goal setting and reflection throughout the year..

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Positive Behavior Support

How can we promote positive behavior in the class and across the school? What are the methods and benefits of creating a grassroots initiative? This workshop will discuss the PBISI approach and various methods for influencing the behavior of students of all ages.

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Active Independent Learning

What is the difference between learning alone and learning independently? What are the benefits of mastery-based progression, and how can it be implemented in the classroom? What tech tools can support active independent learning? This workshop will focus on strategies and tools that promote student-centered active learning.

Workshops for Hebrew language teachers:
Tools for Optimal Hebrew Language Instruction

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Universal Design for Learning

How can UDL principles be applied to teaching Hebrew as a foreign language? How can you build a more flexible curriculum tailored to the needs of learners? In this workshop we will examine the benefits of the UDL approach and how to integrate it into the existing curriculum.

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Authentic Communication in Hebrew

Do your students know how to order a falafel? Have a conversation in Hebrew without writing it down in advance? In this workshop, teachers will build a variety of activities for students to enable them to have daily conversations in Hebrew.

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