The broad range of programs and activities available at WCJE greatly enriches formal education. These products include contemporary educational tools and syllabuses, and a variety of teacher-training seminars and courses including:

Individualized Design of Educational Materials and Syllabuses

WJCE is familiar with the wide range of available educational materials, and we work hard to provide you with a program and syllabus that corresponds to your needs. We address  a wide variety of factors including annual themes, preferences of the school administration and board, preferences of student boards, financial considerations and the school’s technological capabilities. Consultation with our educational staff is free and enables us to craft a superior educational program perfectly suited to the needs of your school. At every stage, the WCJE Hotline welcomes calls and inquiries, and our educational faculty gladly provides friendly telephone service, answering any question pertaining to the syllabus and subject matter.

Learning Materials Preliminary Course

Prior to the opening of the school year, WCJE staff sponsors a special introductory course to teach the fundaments of the syllabus and facilitate smooth absorption of the school books and teaching materials. The preliminary course helps familiarize the teaching staff with the material and ensures that both the teachers and students receive maximum benefit from the books and learning program. Throughout the school year, and as needed, WCJE can pair a school and its teaching staff with a mentor in the desired area.   The mentor offers extra teaching materials as well as consultation and guidance in all relevant realms of study.

Enrichment Courses

Throughout the school year, WCJE invites teachers and educators to enroll in our online courses designed for teachers of Jewish subjects and Hebrew language in the Diaspora. The courses are relayed in cooperation with Matach—Center for Educational Technology Publishing House. The subjects discussed in these courses are usually major issues facing educators across the board, such as differential education or technology in the classroom. Schools that are already registered with WCJE are invited to enroll in the enrichment courses at no extra cost.


Israel Connection Tours places you at the center. We invest maximum effort and resources in providing you with the perfect Israel experience. Our personalized service is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This relationship is reflected in individual consultation designed to identify and serve the specific requirements of each client. The company is also committed to ongoing learning and continual improvement in order to better serve our customers

Trip to Israel

Trips to Israel highlight the historic, educational, extreme, or experiential angle of the country, in accordance with your personal and educational preferences. The schedule of events is crafted to present a full picture of Israel suitable for any age, group size, or event. Trip options include educational tours for students, recreational and extreme for the young (or young at heart!), religious sites and events for the traditional, and bar and bat-mitzvah trips for the whole family and more. We encourage interactions with native Israelis to uncover an original perspective on the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and character of the Land and its people.

Journey to Poland

A riveting emotional and empowering trip to Poland that offers teenagers and adults the opportunity to best appreciate the rich Jewish history of pre-Holocaust Europe. Groups and schools that choose to build their itinerary with WCJE benefit from patient, personalized attention and our experience in preparing accompanying learning materials relevant for each group. Our itineraries are designed to take into account each groups religious preferences and sensitivities.  The trip may include a brief visit to other eastern European countries, exposing students to even more about Jewish life and history of the region.

The World Center coordinates every element and hour of your trip from the moment of arrival, beginning with building your itinerary to reserving accommodations to ordering transportation and food, etc. We’ve provided outstanding service to sports stars and athletes who’ve come to compete in Israel as well as to hundreds of students coming to learn about Zionism.