Caring for the Displaced Residents


Many of us have been experiencing stress and anxiety over the course of the ongoing war in Israel, but the situation is much more magnified for those who have been uprooted from their homes. These families were forced to make an abrupt transition from living according to their daily routine (even if it had an occasional siren from time to time) to a reality in which loss of life and property and feelings of anxiety have become their central focus, resulting in great emotional difficulty. Furthermore, this situation where the family experiences these ups and downs has turned into a long-term problem.

Donations are tax-deductible in the
U.S., Canada, England and Israel.


Kinor Lev is a patented therapeutic device which utilizes music that incorporates user-friendly biofeedback technology and has been used for many years to help hospitalized children and their families.

The technique assists in dealing with three main challenges:

Using the Kinor Lev technique assists in transferring the focus from tension and anxiety to that of release and relaxation, even if for a short time. This activity helps calm the soul and has an effect that lasts for hours.
Training in the Kinor Lev technique is not complicated and using the sensor and application is not difficult. Therapists who use a variety of treatment techniques have been trained to guide families in its use. After only a few sessions, the entire family will be able to use the technology anywhere at any time they choose.
By listening, breathing, and relaxing, affected families can do the best possible thing to help themselves – they can improve their mood and the moods of those around them, especially during these challenging times.

How the Kinor Lev method works

For supporters:

We thank you for your willingness to support “Families Take a Breather”, a non-profit initiative that was created in order to help those finding it difficult to deal with challenging moments and to provide tools that assist them to function normally within the context of both family and community. 

100% of donations go directly to this project

  • Sensor + Application: $100

    The organization was able to receive a discounted price due to the war in Israel. The regular price is $185

  • Therapists $70 to $150

    Cost per hour (depending on specialization and experience)

  • Workshop + sample experience $215
  • Families Take a Breather $215

    Training session + first treatment session + sensor

  • Communities Take a Breather $515

    Workshop for 10 participants + training session + 3 sensors

Donations are tax-deductible in the U.S., Canada, England and Israel.

Tens of thousands of families have been evacuated from their homes, both from the North and from the South of Israel! Sponsor a family, a community, or even a hotel full of evacuees.

  • Sponsor a family $250
  • Sponsor 10 families $2,150
  • Sponsor a community $ XXXX

    contact us for details

  • Training course $215

    for therapists and educators (price is subsidized)




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