MiPoh LeSham (Me-Po le-Sham)

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From Here to There Alef & Bet

מִפֹּה לשם חלק א׳ וחלק ב׳

Author: Esti Simons

Publisher: Academon Press



Me-Po le-Sham

מִפֹּה לשם חלק א׳, חלק ב׳

‘Me-Po le-Sham’ (“From Here to There”), a companion text to Hebrew from Scratch Part A and Part B, that follows the textbook chapter by chapter, providing a variety of exercises intended to enrich and reinforce the vocabulary and grammar topics that are introduced in each chapter. Exercise formats range from verb review drills, to completion and selection sentence level tasks, to cloze sections with accompanying word banks to open-ended functional writing tasks.

מפה לשם

MiPoh LeSham, Mi’Poh Le’Sham, MePo LeSham, Me’Po Le’Sham