Used by high school and university students, Hebrew from Scratch Part 1 and Part 2 (Ivrit Min Ha Hatchala) is a comprehensive text, grammar and exercise book for the beginning and advanced adult student. The course is Hebrew-only but the instructions and vocabulary lists are in English. One of the most user-friendly Hebrew teaching books available, this immersive system is the perfect tool for any student intent on learning Hebrew!
The Set contains 2 books, MP3 Cds for part A and part B
עברית מן ההתחלה

עברית מההתחלה, עברית מהתחלה, חלק א וחלק ב כולל דיסקים, Ivrit Min Hahatchala, Ivrit Min Ha’hatchala, Ivrit Mehahatchala, Ivrit Me’ha’hatchala, Ivrit Mehatchala, Ivrit Me’hatchala