Hinneh, Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way, is a text and workbook for both the academic and non academic classroom, as well as for the independent learner.

Hinneh offers an innovative curriculum for the introduction of Biblical Hebrew. It balances two major demands of an introductory language program: the reflection of the most frequently occurring lexical and grammatical examples, and the sequencing of the material in a way that will allow for easier teaching and learning. Attention is given to the presentation of the broad picture of how Biblical Hebrew behaves, as well as to imparting the most efficient and effective skills and tools which will allow students toaccess straight-forward Biblical texts early on.

Hinneh features many original Biblical passages given as examples for any subject taught, accompanied by English translations drawn from various sources. Hinneh offerד sample exercises with answers for self-check.

הנה: עברית תנ”כית מעשית, הנה: עברית תנכית פרקטית