BaRosh UVaRishonah


First and Foremost

Hebrew for Beginners and More,
Textbook + Workbook

בראש ובראשונה
Author: Goni Tishaler, Ateret Yarden-Barak
Publisher: Academon Press


The First and Foremost set is designed for students of the Hebrew language at the beginners level. Through this program, students will acquire the ability to read and write, converse in basic Hebrew and identify verbs in different tenses.

This book reflects the varied aspects of the Israeli culture and aspires to create a dialogue between the student and the many faces of Israeli culture, enabling a multicultural dialogue. It touches upon subjects that relate to the individual, society, and community.

בראש ובראשונה, First and Foremost, BaRosh UBaRishonah, Ba’Rosh U’Varishona,