Sheli Ehrlich

Director of Hebrew Education Department Consultant & Mentor for Teacher Training​

Sheli manages the WCJE Customer Relations Department. She graduated with a degree in Hebrew Language and Theater from Hebrew University and a teaching certificate from Ben Gurion University in Hebrew Language. Sheli spent two years teaching Hebrew at Beren Academy in Houston, Texas, after which she returned to Israel. With great interpersonal skills and a passion for her work, Sheli calls upon her extensive education, skills and talents to manage our Hebrew language department and mentors teachers who take advantage of WCJE learning materials and syllabuses.

Elisha Porath

Director of Business Development

With over 11 years of experience teaching and mentoring in informal educational settings including yeshivot and summer camps, and as educational director and logistics manager for overseas programs for foreign students, Elisha takes the WCJE to a new level as our outstanding Director of Business Development.  Elisha, whose heart beats with love of the Jewish homeland, combined five years of military service in the Givati Brigade with Judaic studies at Yeshivat Tekoah, after which he graduated with a degree in Business Management and received a diploma from Touro College as an Event Planner.

Netania  Haber 

Customer Relations Manager for USA Elementary Schools

A native of South Africa, Netania immigrated to Israel in 1994 and currently resides near Jerusalem.  She completed two years of National Service, first in Bnei Akiva and then with international students from the U.S. and Europe. She then became a youth movement coordinator for Israel Experience, worked in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a group facilitator for Sachlav, and popular lecturer for Israel Connection, among others roles. As a professional architect, Netania currently teaches English, architecture and green architecture at Daat, the Ministry of Education’s school for gifted & outstanding students and coordinates logistics and manages visiting groups for the WJCE.